ONLY YESTERDAYS   A stunning murder of a man and the death of a six year old boy catapult you into the world of Francesco “Cheech” Caruso.  Jaw dropping truth brings the story to a close.  “Only Yesterdays” reveals the dichotomy of Caruso -- passionate in life, with a golden tenor voice, uncompromising love and hands blood stained from murder. The reader is struck with raw frankness contrasted against poetry from the heart. “Only Yesterdays” is as unpredictable as the wind - twisting and turning through the life of an immigrant, against money, power and the court system in 1927.    

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 WHERE WE LAND   If we survive birth, we all land somewhere. My landing was at 1579 Madison Ave, New York NY 10029 to the talented, gifted and aggressive Caruso clan. This book chronicles my life from birth, to my childhood on Prospect Avenue New York NY and the Bronx to my teenage years on Long Island in the 1950's and the birth of Rock & Roll,  until I reached a point when fate gave me a choice to make. My decade of R&R was about to end and with the 60's and a new group of teenagers I had to change with it or get run over by infuences like the Beatles from across the pond and the changing sound of Rock & Roll. So I had a choice to continue the same old same old or change my ways, I was no longer a teenager. The choice/change was up to me...


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THE SHORT WRITING WORLD OF DOMINIC CARUSO    is an accumulation of writings by Dominic over the last fifty-five years of his life. Everything from poems, prose and short stories to notes, reflections and first chapters of existing and soon to be published books.Its a bunch of writings from comical to tear wrenching. Every once in a while an effort to amusingly translating, interpret history as we know it or current events!

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D.J. Rand
, author and editor, has written other works including articles, non-fiction and fiction short stories and books. The author served in the U.S. Navy and lives in the Rocky Mountain Region.

THE CHOSEN   is the first of five books in the Haven's Hold series. The Chosen are gathered and brought to the fortress of Haven’s Hold by two of the Commanders. Their journey to the Haven begins their training as they are introduced to a few of the dangers that lurk on the land. It proves to be a challenge for them, especially Beni and the feisty Jenda. Soon, they will set out to find the talismans of Azar placed upon their chests at birth.

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Coming Soon, Janet Vittorio Corica & Bill Meyer

UNDER A MIAMI MOON    He's every woman's dream. Hot, sexy, successful. Chris's father owns several exotic car dealerships and Chris is the probable heir to the Barth Exotics dynasty. His ex-wife Diamond still works with the Barths, and she is determined to get Chris back. But Chiara Bianci, a fresh hire, is gorgeous, sweet-natured and a rival. The two women get a rare chance at love. Chiara, of Sicilian heritage, attempts to kindle romance that's as hot as Sicily's sun and as smoldering as Mt. Vesuvius's molten lava. Will Chiara's winning personality be enough to grab and hold "the catch of the year"? Curvaceous Diamond is well-aware of her ex's weaknesses and desires and knows she has an inside track to win Chris's heart a second time. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and overheating romances, all under Miami's palm trees. Into whose lap will these treasures fall? Join us in this edition of the Romance Rules series and hold onto your hats. Find out if you can dream your way into this captivating spell and live along with us!  Janet and Bill.




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